Aftercare Healing Instructions

  • We suggest cleansing your hands with an antibacterial soap prior to cleansing your brows.
  • We encourage you to gently wash your treated brows brows cool water or a pmu soap using a soft cloth or non woven gauze.
  • Gently wash brows in one direction only to remove lymph drainage and balm.
  • Pat dry with a clean tissue or a new non woven gauze.
  • Lightly apply the healing balm throughout your day maintaining them hydrated.
  • Flaking is normal, SCABBING IS NOT.
  • If you feel any itchiness, tight skin, or discomfort apply more healing balm. You’ll apply the balm throughout your day for 14 days for the best retention and skin care.
  • Extended and direct sun exposure, sweating, pools, hot tubs, lakes, salt water, hot showers and touching your freshly treated area.
  • Please be careful with the treated area and avoid reopening the wound or pulling pigment. We suggest you also avoid any facial treatments or home use of anti aging products for up to 30 days as they will alter the healing process.