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*PRESALE* Miel Healing Balm


 *PRESALE shipping starts October 22nd*

Our Miel healing balm is used in various ways including: Post PMU services (Brows, liner, lips, freckles and tattoos), post medical spa treatments ex: IPL services, laser services, post chemical peel, post micro-needling and other intense esthetic treatments.

Our healing balm can also be used as an everyday home product, with benefits as a skin moisturizer for compromised skin such as dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. As well as a common product replacement for popular petroleum based products to help heal cuts, scrapes, rashes and minor burns.

*Sold in 1 pack of 50 balms

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What they're saying about miel

Miel makes the microblading healing process a breeze! My clients are so happy that there is no scabbing and minimal flaking. Its been called "magical" and "amazing" by many! I can't believe the retention and the crispyness of my hair strokes! Never going back to dry healing ever again!

Ali ArdelArtist, Owner of Arched by Ali

Where do we start! Miel has been an integral part of our success. Until we introduced the balm into our aftercare system we found it very difficult to achieve the level of consistency we are proudly provide now. There are so many healing methods in PMU that you follow because its what you're taught and what we've enjoyed about Miel is that it helped us understand the importance of hydrated healing and how impactful it can be to a service like this. Hydrated healing, powered by Miel has allowed us to work more superficially while still maintaining the crisp and saturated retention which is not only great when it comes to results, but the integrity of our clients skin which is our number one priority! A spectacular product coupled with exceptional customer service has made our experience with Miel nothing but amazing. Miel has made the Perfect Frame that much more perfect. 

Jonathan Paul & Dimitri RojasArtist & Owners of Perfect Frame Studio

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