Aftercare Healing Instructions

  • Make sure to wash your hands with an antibacterial soap prior to cleansing your fresh eyeliner.
  • You may gently cleanse the eye area with tepid water and gently PAT DRY with a clean tissue.
  • Avoid cleansers, soap and rubbing your eye area during washing.
  • Also avoid all types of washcloths as they can irritate or dry out the eye area.
  • Using a fresh Q-Tip, apply a light coat of Miel Aftercare to the freshly treated area twice a day.
  • Keeping the area hydrated during the first 5-7 days. This will help the freshly treated area hold color and heal evenly.
  • You may experience light flaking, do not pull or exfoliate the treated area.
  • Do not touch the tattooed area with your fingers. This increases your risk of infection.
  • Do not rub or scratch your eyes. This increases your risk of a corneal abrasion. If you should experience swelling, an ice pack may be applied using a thin protective barrier such as a paper towel.
  • Icing is most effective in the first 24 hours following the procedure.
  • Do not apply makeup or mascara on or near the tattooed area for 14 days.
  • Purchase new makeup or mascara to avoid contamination or bacterial infection.
  • Do not use makeup remover or anti aging products near your ocular area for up to 30 days.
  • Avoid direct sunlight during your healing process as it can alter the final color.
  • Avoid elevated temperatures, saunas, pools, jacuzzis, excessive sweating and working out during your healing period.
  • We ask that you avoid prolonged showers for up to 30 days