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Artist Spotlight: Let me introduce you to Fernanda! An amazing multi talented artist currently based out of the city of dreams. I've loved following her and seeing all the beautiful work she creates! Without further ado here is my little interview into the world of this gorgeous woman and her journey into pmu.


Who is Fernanda?

I am a 24 year old, Latina, LGBTQ, PMU artist, and business owner. I am someone who craves creativity and inventiveness. I am that person up at 3 am with my best ideas flowing out of me like a waterfall. I am someone who loves giving and truly loves what she does because she is able to bring life back into places where some might have lost hope. I am also huge on family. Like many of my hispanic/latino people out there, I have a really big family who is very close and who will find any excuse to get together. Being Hispanic is a huge part of who I am. Our culture is like no other and full of life, passion and love. Family always comes first with us, and that has shown me the importance of loyalty which has always meant a lot to me. Being hispanic also makes me bilingual which not only do I love, but it helps me now even with work. I am able to take clients who are only Spanish speakers and make them feel comfortable and at ease throughout their procedure. This is a big one for me because I have family who only speaks Spanish and I know how difficult and stressful it can be being in a situation where you’re dealing with someone who only speaks English. Knowing I can bring my culture into my work space is comforting and its something I know my clients appreciate as well.


How did you get into the PMU business?

 I got into PMU about 3.5 years ago after already having been working as an MUA for a few years. I was doing everything from event makeup, bridal makeup, even special effects makeup when I decided I wanted to try something new. Something that challenged me bit more and got my creative juices flowing. Even as an MUA I had always had love for some good brows. I had heard about microblading before it had exploded into the huge industry it is now and I always had an interest in it. I took the first class I found and started my course that same week! From the very first day of class I knew I had found something I was gonna fall in love with and wanted to pursue. I haven’t stopped since and more recently found other procedures I love doing and others I want to learn to perform. I’m grateful for this journey and so happy I found my way to it.



You do a lot more than PMU, Whats the best part of being in multiple fields?

The great thing about transitioning from makeup to PMU is that as a makeup artist you already have certain skills and a certain way of looking at things, which work to your advantage. To know how to use colors to blend together perfectly, compliment one another, and what colors cancel out others is already a skill set that not everyone has. You use the color wheel and color blending in PMU all the time and to have already had practice with that before starting my PMU journey is something that really helped me out. As an MUA and a PMU Artist you also have to have an eye for symmetry and for transformation. You constantly have to envision outcomes and know what qualities best fit each individual face. Ask any MUA or PMU artist, brows can make or break a look. They can bring symmetry and structure to a face when it wasn’t there to begin with and can be manipulated to become whatever you want them to be whether its bold, natural, fierce, or fluffy. Being in multiple fields gives me the opportunity to work with different colors, shapes, styles, and faces while giving people confidence and making them feel and look beautiful.


What advice would you give yourself at the beginning of your journey? 

If I could sit with myself years ago I would tell myself to be patient in my journey. Being in the beauty industry can be difficult. There is a lot of cattiness within the industry—especially in makeup. I would let myself know to not take what people say and think too seriously and that there can be a lot of rejection and doubt. But, I would also let myself know that that isn’t the full journey. That there’s so much growth in it and it can be so rewarding if you put your mind and effort into it. You meet different people: some will challenge your growth, and some will encourage it. I would tell myself to take these experiences and use them to build myself up rather than tear me down. I still tell myself these things now because the journey never stops. We are constantly growing, constantly changing, and constantly learning. 

- Fernanda 
Shoutout to Fern for letting me spotlight her! Girl you are fuego! Make sure to check out her work featured on our profile today and follow su website & Instagram : 

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